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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business rankings is a tool for businesses to sign up a citation and help keep track of their rankings. It raises the quality of user experience through convenient access to updated information about local businesses, including their Google My Business rankings. Furthermore, it acts as a complementary tool for raising local SEO ranking efforts.

Local businesses now have an equal chance of getting their site more visible online. Scepter Marketing, a local, specialist white label web agency knows that local businesses need to stay viable in a competitive market and rank better in search engine results. Besides Google My Business rankings, the Scepter Marketing team can use many other tools to help you boost your brand’s social presence online.

Who should use Google My Business rankings?

But what about businesses that already have several citations from other credible sites? Should these businesses bother adding another citation in Google My Business rankings?

Google is already an established search engine giant. Having your business cited on Google My Business rankings holds more ranking power than most public listings. Updating your citations with Google My Business rankings can improve your business NAP’s (Name, Address, Phone number) consistency and accuracy.

Why use Google My Business rankings?

Think of not taking advantage of Google My Business rankings as a loss of opportunity. When Google makes a declaration, online marketers will have heeded what it says or be left eating the competition’s dust. After all, Google owns more than half of the market share for search engine consumption.

The initiative is meant to help local businesses improve their rankings and remain competitive when doing so. It is one of the best free public listings that could complement your marketing efforts. Plus, it’s easy to list, verify, and manage your citation.

Google My Business Rankings Benefits for Local Businesses

Another Objective Measure

You can gauge how effective your local SEO campaigns are through Google My Business rankings. It also helps monitor competition specific to your area. The tool also gives you access to some data to improve your business analytics.

If your local business competition is already aggressive in their online marketing, you can expect them to take advantage of the tool. Soon, more local business will catch up to the trend. While it is true that you do not need the tool to improve your rankings, your business will have difficulty reaching local top rankings without it.

Makes Your Business More Accessible

People on the go can easily see local business listings near their area. The distance between your business and searchers is one of the top ranking factors for visibility. It also shows other businesses that compete with your target market as long as they are near and relevant to what the users look for.

Factors that Google considers when ranking your business:


The search engine considers the nature of your business and how it relates to user needs. Naturally, the search engines would not display law firms when the user tries to seek out a restaurant near their area. However, users may be able to see alternatives related to their search. If pizza is not available, other food establishments near the users would appear.


Search engines will consider the user’s location to the nearest establishment that could cater to their needs. Your business would not appear as an option if users live in a different city.


This factor refers to the overall local public perception about your business. Prominence can simply mean how popular your establishment is in the area. Often, high ratings and good reviews attached to your listings would help promote it to a higher position than the competition.


Scepter Marketing understands the need for local business to stay competitive and rank better on local searches. Other than Google My Business rankings, there are other tools Scepter Marketing team could provide to help enhance your brand’s social presence online. Let us help you improve your digital presence today!