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I’ve been realizing that my work atmosphere sucks. I used to think it was a sweet think to be able to work from home, but what I have found is that when you work from home, you never leave the office. This can make it hard to compartmentalize my day because I eat, sleep, poop, market, and brainstorm billion dollar ideas all from the same place.

So what’s the solution? Well, eventually I’ll probably get an office, but for now, I just need to organize my stuff… as should be evident by these photos

Dirty Office
Dirty Office 2


As you can see, it’s about time to organize my office again. Here are the steps that I usually take to get myself organized. It makes work flow smoother and I’m sure it’ll help you too. Feel free to suggest more.

  1. Clean everything you can off your desk and dust it!! don’t want to be breathing in dust bunnies while you’re trying to work!
  2. Get the recycle bin, trash can, and a few file folders
  3. Turn on GrooveShark and start going through the pile o’ crap and either recycle / trash it, file it away, or put it in another pile which is your “to do” pile
  4. When you’re done, take a break to reward yourself and get a chilled coffee
  5. Come back and enjoy your new, clean work environment!

Now it’s my turn

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