Finding your template settings

Accessing your template settings is easy and offers several options made available for the Corporate 3 template.

Joomla Template manager

As you see from the screenshot, you access your Template manager by going to the Extensions >> Template Manager >> The Corporate 3

Settings for this template will look like this:

Corporate 3 settings

IMPORTANT: You will notice that the settings params.ini file is writable, you will want to make sure this is not writable for security reasons once you are done configuring your site, unless your host gives only you writable access but unwritable for others. File and Directory permissions may be slightly different depending on the host you use but with the default Joomla installations, this file is usually given a CHMOD of 644.

About Colours

You will notice this settings panel has several colour fields, each with it’s colour showing. To change the colour, simply click in the field and a popup colour picker will appear letting you choose the colour you want for that particule element. Choose it, then Save it.


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