What does “Support” cover with my membership?

Basically support covers any problems you encounter with our themes during installation, setup, or if you need to know where or how to change something within the theme. Basically anything that is related to the theme. Support does NOT cover customization problems you encounter after you made changes or modifications performed by a third party source. While [...]

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Do Your Themes Come With Support?

When you sign up for our theme club or purchase an individual theme at Pixel Theme Studio, you get access to direct email support for any theme issues you may encounter for 1 year from the purchase of your theme or club membership.

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Are Your Themes 100% GPL?

Yes. Our WordPress themes and plugins are released under the GNU Public License version 2.0 or 3.0. Any .PSD files are packaged separately and are not licensed under the GPL 3.0. Instead, these files inherit the Pixel Theme Studio Personal Use License. These files are given to all Customers on a personal use basis. You may not offer [...]

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Do Your Themes Work With All Plugins and Extensions?

This cannot be guaranteed because there are 1000’s of options available. Generally you should be fine but make sure you read the minimum requirements for any plugin you download and to read their descriptions. Because these are third party products, this will be totally dependent on the developers to ensure their plugins work on WordPress [...]

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Are Your Themes Easy to Customize?

Depending on the theme you choose, some may be a lot easier than others. Nearly all of our themes have theme options built into them, though our more modern themes also have Visual Composer built in which has a nice drag-and-drop interface to help you customize your pages very easily!

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