Facebook Vs Google Round 1… FIGHT!!!

So it appears as though the clash of the titans has begun! Google and Facebook have taken aim at each other. Facebook has introduced search and Google is creating their own social media network.

Facebook has taken their “like” feature to the next level by allowing website owners to place a Facebook branded “like” button on individual posts and web pages. Apparently Facebook plans on using this popularity contest as their way of doing search. In contrast to Google, where the website with the most authoritative links pointing to it wins, Facebook seems to plan on having more of a popularity contest where it ranks web pages by how many times its users have “liked” them. It’s an interesting concept to say the least. You can read more about it here: The Next Frontier of SEO

What will this mean for us internet marketers? Well, if Facebook can actually persuade its users to use Facebook search instead of Google’s this could change the way that we need to do SEO. SEO would become even more of a popularity contest than Google already is… and it seems like it would be harder to fake. There are numerous ways of getting people to link back to your site, but how in the world do you get people to “like” your site? Well, it appears as if quality content will reign supreme perhaps even more than it does now. Of course, strategies will eventually be created for getting masses of people to “like” pages rapidly to increase rankings but it might not be quite as simple as the good ol’ days of link building (and I’m already amassing a few of my own!). Nevertheless, Facebook has a HUGE amount of catching up to do if they want to compete in search considering that most websites are not currently using the new Facebook “like” button on their pages and 70+% of searchers are still using Google.

And as if that were not enough news!…

Far be it from Google not to fight back with Facebook! According to this article at the unofficial Facebook site: Google is planning their very own social network to compete with Facebook. It is old news that Google has been concerned with Facebook’s ever growing power and influence on the world wide web. Facebook’s super-targeted paid advertising service not only is rivaling Google’s but could potentially beat them out in the future. Users are spending incredible amounts of time on Facebook and it has become a new way of communication whereas Google is just a helpful tool that people stop by for a moment before going elsewhere. But as I said, far be it from Google to lay down and die!

Even though Google’s first attempt at social media didn’t create much “buzz” despite its name, no one can discount what Google might pull out of their Mary Poppins bag next. In any case, the clash of the titans has begun… Ding! Ding! Ding! Let’s get ready to RUMBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLE!

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