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Introduction to Shopify App Installation and Configuration

Online shopping is taking over the market in a big way. It’s estimated that eight in ten Americans currently shop online. And there are benefits to owning an online shop as well, such as convenience and speed. The e-commerce platform Shopify is a modern, easy to use app that can help you tap into this blooming market.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own store, but have never been able to find space, help, or marketing, it’s time to look at e-commerce platform Shopify. You can list your products or your services in one place. There are many custom options through which you can decorate (and redecorate!) as much as you want. There are also options to help you market your products on social media.

Say goodbye to the garage sale sign at the end of your road! E-commerce platform Shopify’s creators built it with the online buyer in mind. There are plenty of features you can use to give both you and your customers the best shopping experience. Our Scepter Marketing web services team is here to help you install and configure this incredible e-commerce platform and to start boosting your business.

How Do I Install E-Commerce Platform Shopify?

Installing e-commerce platform Shopify doesn’t need many steps. The first thing you need to do is go to the App Store on the Shopify site and find the app you’d like to install. Once you find it, press the big button labelled “Install.” Then, it will give you a box to enter the URL for your Shopify store. You can also use your subdomain if you have one. Click Authenticate and it will bring you to the installation page for your app. Choose Install and your app will begin installing. That’s it! Your app will be ready to use.

If you’re trying to install a custom app (also referred to as a “private app”), the process is similar, except that you use the dashboard to create and name the app, and then copy the credentials over.

Sounds Pretty Simple

And you’re right. You can install the majority of Shopify apps with a few clicks. This makes it possible for anyone to run their business online the way they want to. Sometimes, though, you can’t find the perfect app to perform what you want your site to do. Here at Scepter Marketing, you can bring your ideas to us. We won’t just help you develop an app, we’ll be with you the whole way.

Through our experts, we’re familiar with and know all about e-commerce platform Shopify. App installation and configuration doesn’t need to be hard. Let us do the work for you.

We Can Help You with Your Apps

At Scepter Marketing, our local web agency, we have an expert team that can help you install your Shopify apps from the ground up. This way you can make sure they’re functioning the way they are supposed to be. Whether you found a free app and need some help getting it properly set-up, or if there’s something special you’ve got in mind and you just need someone to get started on it, give us a call.

We can help keep your online store safe, as well as looking engaging and attracting customers. All you have to worry about is running the business.