Doctors who connect with patients has seen a lot of change over the years. A long time ago doctors would make house calls. Today, doctors and patients connect with each other through the Internet. How can our online solution help a doctor’s practice? Read on to find out.

Responsive Design

There are two important reasons why a responsive design is important.

  • Almost anyone today has a mobile device of some kind, and they use them in ways like checking their email, buying products, or reading the news. If any website they visit isn’t mobile responsive then chances are they’ll leave it. So, it makes sense to have a responsive design as it encourages visitors new and old to stay.
  • A responsive design makes yourself more accessible and visible on the Internet. The more who visit the more they’ll likely stay and possibly go to you as a patient.

User-Friendly Design

A user-friendly design is important for medical practice websites for the following reasons.

  • Visitors will stay longer if they find your website is easy to use and simple to navigate. This helps in converting visitors to actual patients.
  • A user-friendly design is based in simplicity and we apply that features commonly found on medical websites like patients paying their bills online. Keeping it simple will you’re your patients – new and old – coming back.
  • People who visit medical websites often look for information about certain issues that trouble them. A user-friendly design allows them to find that information both quickly and efficiently.




Designed for Converting Visitors to Patients

We have multiple strategies when converting visitors into patients. Here are some of the more common strategies we use.

  • Easily understood content. Many people who visit websites don’t often stop to read through large blocks of text. Therefore, we make the text short and to the point so that it can be read and understood by the reader quickly. This in turn increases the chance that a visitor will become your patient.
  • Are you associated with any major medical organizations? Are you certified in any medical specialty? These are things that we will display with our online solution. People who see these things will feel that you are credible and that will increase the chance of them becoming your patient.
  • Call to Action. Whether it’s a contact us form or an online chat, we ensure that people who visit your site can reach you easily enough.

How Our Web Design Team Works with Doctors

  • Communication is important no matter what. We always start off by getting to know you, why medicine means so much to you, understanding your services, and so on and so forth. We do this so that we can accurately display these traits on your website. This allows you the chance to get to know us as well.
  • In this process, we draw up the blueprints for your website. We have several goals that we try to attain through this process. Some of those include, ensuring that our online solution is both welcoming and safe, ensuring that the site is secure so that patient information stays private, and ensuring that all your needs and wants are included in the design.
  • Develop – We build our online solution through the number one content management system out there – WordPress. This allows us to get our online solution up and running quickly. It also makes maintaining it easy as it is very organized and very user friendly. We do not deploy until you see it and approve it.
  • Deploy – Making our online solution go live.

One More Thing …

Going to the hospital isn’t something most people want to do. It’s scary as it reminds us of how human we truly are. We work to present your practice in a way that says that there isn’t anything to be afraid of. There is more that we provide so give us a call to learn more.