Diving into Paid Ads

Up to this point, my internet marketing career has mostly consisted of SEO-related marketing tactics such as link building, creating content around keywords, etc. Over the last month though, I’ve been experimenting with various forms of paid advertising including Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google PPC (text) ads. I’ve dropped Facebook and LinkedIn already since they were much too expensive to warrant further exploration at this point (33 cents and $2+ respectively). Google’s ads are actually a bit more than I’d like to pay too (80 cents/click), but I had $100 of free ads, so I don’t really care as much. Twitter clicks have been closer to 8 cents which I can handle : )

I’m gearing up to try a round of newsletter ads, google image ads, and some banner ads. I’ve never done any of them, but I got a course recently that I hope to review once I’ve tried all of the various traffic methods to see if, when, and how well they work. If it proves to be a useful program, I’ll probably promote it here.

Anyway, I’m getting started with banner ads on BuySell Ads¬†and looking at spending about $250 to get things started. I’m pretty confident I’ll break even with the ads, but it’s hard to track since I’m promoting affiliate products where I don’t have access to the sales pages so that I can track a person from an ad, through my site, to the affiliate, to the sale. If I could do this, I could figure out which advertising is actually making me money and focus more on that. Being what it is though, I just have general numbers. Of course this is why I’m only planning on dumping a couple of hundred bucks and not a grand.

My list of email newsletters that I might be able to advertise in is growing. I hope to have compiled 50+ by the end of the day today and to do a bit of research in the niche to figure out what types of products they are actually looking for instead of assuming they want mine.

I’m learning a lot, and I’m thankful for how much I’ve learned already over the last 2 years to make some of this stuff a bit easier for me than it would a complete newbie. If there’s one thing this process is pressing home to me though, it’s that one actually needs to apply oneself to learning this stuff and getting good at it. Once I get good, I can see how it would be easy to throw up campaigns quickly, run ads everywhere, and pull in hundreds of thousands of visitors in a matter of a few days like I’ve seen “gurus” do. I’m pretty confident I’ll get there soon. And if I do… let’s just say it’ll be pretty sweet.

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