Customizing your Template Colours

I’ve started a new concept in customizing theme colour styles by taking the Corporate 3 template and letting the end-user make their own colour palette choices with the use of HEX Colours (Hexadecimal Colors)…the values that look like this: #585D61

NOTE: You will see me spell color as colour (which is the Canadian method) as some words are spelled differently here.

Getting Started with The Corporate 3 Colour Settings

When you log into your Joomla Amin area, and go to EXTENSIONS >> TEMPLATE MANAGER >> The Corporate 3 and open it to the settings parameters. You should see colour fields like this:

corporate3 Joomla Template Colours

This is just a starting point with adding the ability for you to change the colours within your site. By default, the template will load the default colours as you see in the screenshot above, including the current HEX colour values. When you change the colour, the value will load into the page coding and a custom style will be applied to your page.

Selecting and Changing Your Colours

I put in a very simple colour picker that pops up when you click in any colour field. Later I will put in a more sophisticated colour selector but I find the one with this version of the Corporate 3 is simple and easy to use. When you click on a colour field, a popup colour tool is displayed:


Choose your colour preference by moving the small + icon around the colour gradient window and as you do this, the value will show and update in the setting field. When you made your choice, click anywhere outside of the colour picker tool area because this will close it. Click SAVE onyour parameters page and view the front of your site to see your change.

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