Custom E-Commerce Shopify Apps: A Primer2017-12-13T08:21:43+00:00

Introduction to Custom E-Commerce Shopify Apps

Shopify is a modern, easy to use e-commerce platform. Have you ever dreamed of owning your own store? Have you always been unable to find space, or help with coding, designing, or marketing? It’s time to look at Shopify. In one spot, you can list your products or your services. There are many custom e-commerce Shopify apps options so you can endlessly decorate (and redecorate!).

Shopify’s creators built it with the online buyer in mind, and there are plenty of features you can use to give both you and your customers the best shopping experience possible. And with no physical store to maintain, you have more time for creating your products and designing your customers’ experience. Our team here at Scepter Marketing, our web services agency, is here to help you understand what custom e-commerce Shopify apps are and how you can put them to the best use.

What are Custom E-Commerce Shopify Apps?

Shopify is mostly an e-commerce site, so a lot of custom e-commerce Shopify apps exist to bring new features to your business and website. There are a lot of options to help expand or improve your business. For example, there’s “Tidio Live Chat”, an app that allows your online store to have a chat pop-up just in case customers have any product questions.

There are also security apps like McAfee Secure, that when activated, helps keep your store safe and secure. This will keep your store malware-free and verify that your clients will have a safe and trustworthy time at your website. Knowing that they’re safe while browsing and buying on your site is great for repeat business.

Who Needs Custom E-Commerce Shopify Apps?

Pretty much any online business out there can benefit from what custom e-commerce Shopify apps have to offer. There are over 1,200 apps in the Shopify App Store, and that gives you so much choice to customize your site or extend its functionality.

Shopify has MailChimp support. Once you’ve built your client base, it’s easy to keep in touch about deals, specials, and events. You can reach out to your neighborhood and bring in new customers.

There’s even Facebook and Shopify integration so that, if you’ve got a large social media presence to lend to your merchandise, or if you’re a band with a Facebook following, you can sell straight to them. If you want to extend the number of things your Shopify store can do, an app will probably do it. Call our expert team at Scepter Marketing if you need help installing or customizing your custom e-commerce Shopify apps.

We Create Custom E-Commerce Shopify Apps

If there’s something you’d like your store to do, or a certain look you have in mind, contact us. At Scepter Marketing, we have experts on hand who can work to develop your online store into an online business. We also help you with setup and installation, and any problems you might have getting your apps configured.

Don’t get stuck, give us a call and we’ll get your site running just how you’d like it.