Part 3 – Content Slideshow setup

Part three of the Introduction to the Showcase and Content Slideshow setup will focus on the Content Slideshow option.

The Visionary theme offers a Content Slideshow for your front page, but don’t get confused with “content sliders” as these are similar yet different in the way they display content. Sliders basically “slide” content in one direction or many directions. The Content Slideshow with the Visionary theme is more of a slideshow that rotates with a select interval of time; this one is set to 6000 milliseconds (6 seconds).

Setup Your Content Slideshow

  1. Go to your theme’s Control Panel and click on the Showcase and Slideshow settings panel
  2. Select the Content Slideshow from the drop down selection to display on your front page. Note: if you are using the Showcase Widget in your site but you do not have the Widget Logic plugin installed to manage where your widgets are seen, you will need this so you can ensure the Showcase Widget is not on your front page. Otherwise, select your Content Slideshow:


  3. Just like the Showcase Widget option, select the colours you want for the left, slideshow background, and the right side with the built-in colour selector:


  4. You have the choice of also having the left and right backgrounds as a solid colour or you can have the pattern of lines on top like the default theme shows on the live demo:


  5. Set the colours of your Showcase Intro, which is the text content part of each slide you will create shortly. The options for the intro area are shown in the screenshot below.


  6. Choose to have a “Read More” button that links to anything you choose, or you can select “Disable” if you don’t need it. You can also select the type of read more button you want from the pre-defined selection in the drop down list:


    Your button styles are as follows:

    Dark (default)

  7. Click Save Options

Content Slideshow Size Settings

The content slideshow lets you modify the default size attributes in the event you decide you want a different sized image and intro box for your web site. However, before you begin, make note of the default sizes for the content slideshow setup (all sizes are in pixels). The default values are also shown in the theme’s control panel settings for the slideshow:

  • Slideshow width = 960
  • Slideshow image = 555 x 340
  • Slideshow intro box = 405 x 340

How to Size Up Your Slideshow Group

The intro box width plus image width must equal 960 pixels. Allow 50 pixels for intro box padding on the left and right of the text content. Example with 555px image, your intro will be 405px – 50px equals 355px. Default intro width is 355 pixels.

405 – 50 = 355pxNOTE: You do not have to use the height of 340px if you prefer to use your own preference, you can; the important part is the overall width(s).

Full Widith Images without Intros (Disable the Intro Box)

If you decide you just want to use images at full width (960px) and no intro box, you can disable that from the settings simply by selecting “Disable” from the dropdown list:


Disabling the Intro box will remove the container the intro text, title, and the read more button resides in, thereby allowing the full 960 pixel space for your image slideshow.

** See How to Add Content to Your Slideshow – Part Four

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