Coming Full Circle

I got started in internet marketing through first reading a book (or report maybe it was…) about how to grow a multi-level marketing company online. The report was called Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard – internet MLM guru extraordinaire. My friend Erik had bought the book because we had just gotten started in a new MLM in February of last year. As I’m sure many people in the MLM industry have come to realize, things would move much faster if leads were calling us instead of us calling the leads. With the aspirations of making this wish a reality, I borrowed Magnetic Sponsoring from my friend and eventually ended up buying Mike Dillard’s MLM Traffic Formula 2.0 course. That was my first dive into the world of internet marketing.

As it turns out, that the course wouldn’t be completed for upwards of a year so I was stuck waiting for each new lesson to come out so that I could take the next step in building my business online.  I got bored. I started trying to figure out this internet stuff more quickly and eventually decided that I was going to set a challenge for myself to make $25,000 in 100 days online. Of course I had no idea what I was doing! I was living off the hype. All I knew was that if I saw one more punk kid make $300,000 in 6 months online I was going to puke. I figured it couldn’t be that hard to learn and implement so I got started with 100 days left in the year.

I learned a lot in those 100 days about internet marketing and about business in general. I bombed my goal but was still determined to make this internet marketing thing work. So I bought some more training and tools and kept on learning. Finally, I launched out into doing internet marketing for small businesses with my company Scepter Marketing. I connected with a few friends that could handle the web design and development aspects while I did the marketing and we make a great team. We’ve turned the company into a mildly successful company in just a month and a half and we’re still on the up and up with some big pushes coming in the next few weeks.

However, 12 days ago my friend Wes called me up. We had been in a multi-level marketing company together 2 years ago which had been a bittersweet experience for us both. He was talking about a company that had in mind the vision of the first company only better… lots better. Products were cheaper, sign ups were free, leadership was solid, and in fact some of the well known leaders from our first MLM attempt were on board with this new company – men of character. I pried a little bit into the company and to be honest, I’m still looking into it. They are undergoing some major changes in the next month or two but I have some ideas. It is truly a ground level opportunity and I have something that I’m banking that none of the other 2,000 or so distributors have… that’s right – 100s of hours of internet marketing training.

So I’ve set up a website with an e-mail capture form so that I can start collecting leads for my team. There are hundreds of thousands of products that people already use every day (toilet paper, soap, juice, etc.), the products are often the same prices that you get in stores like Wal-Mart and Barnes and Nobles (because you actually buy from these stores), its free to sign up new business owners, its free for customers to sign up, and I’m poised to take all the internet attention for my team and myself. So it looks as if I have come full circle in the one year since I’ve began to look into internet marketing. I find myself back where I started, only much more equipped. I’m ready to kick butt and take names and to rock with this company via my online (and offline) skills. I’m excited to learn what the future holds. The company is called Aisle 19. Check out the link to learn more.

Catch you on the flipside,
– Marketer Matt

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