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I watched some videos today from a friend of mine that were talking about how the economy is collapsing all around us. Apparently, the US dollar backs most of the world’s currencies and oil must be purchased in US dollars rather than any other currency. Apparently, this is the only thing that is keeping the dollar from becoming worthless as the Fed pumps more and more dollars into the system. Supposedly they are planning to pour up to 11 trillion additional dollars into the economy, thinking that that will save it… which it won’t.

So what does that have to do with marketing? Well, the videos gave me some extra motivation to get things rolling faster. I have several projects that I started back in January which have more or less fallen to the wayside because of a bigger project that I was working on. Unfortunately, as it sometimes happens to projects, I have hit a wall. My team has been volunteering their time to work on the site, which I appreciate. It’s just that at this pace, we won’t launch our new site until maybe January of next year.

So I figure, in the meantime, why not work my tail off on the other projects that I started? All that to say that I’m planning on making a change. In fact, I’ve already started. And my favorite part is that one of my projects and I am more or less keeping to myself. I usually like to tell people about the various projects I’m working on and why. But this one… this one is big. And part of me doesn’t even want help from my team. I want to accomplish something great on my own, to know that I have what it takes to get ‘er done!

This, of course, is another way in which I’m changing things up. I’m excited about the project because, when it works, if has the potential to give me a platform to help other people prepare for the coming economic collapse just as I plan to. This project could give me a pretty influential voice as well as the income to properly prepare. And that’s all I’ll say about that. This post isn’t going to be super SEO’d to try to get readers. This is just between me and my loyal readers. Thanks for listening, and pray for me.

For more information about the coming economic collapse, check out my friend’s site who sent me the videos at The Basics of Living.

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Matt is a marketer and WordPress expert. Founder of Scepter, Matt oversees the larger web dev projects for the company. Seeing innovative ideas come to life is his passion, and therefore he pushes Scepter ahead to help our customers bring their projects to life.

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