Scepter Marketing Acquires Splashing Pixels

We are pleased to announce that we have acquired! We are looking with great anticipation towards the future of the theme company as we work with the previous owner to better handle support, provide more timely theme upgrades, and provide a great experience for the over 6,000 Splashing Pixels [...]

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Scepter Acquires

Started in 2009 has offered free and premium WordPress themes to tens of thousands of WordPress users around the world. Sold several months ago by it's original creators, the site was transformed into a theme directory site that sold a theme package. While the site retained it's page rank [...]

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Scepter Marketing Acquires 6 WP Directory Sites

A few months ago, Scepter Marketing began acquiring established WordPress sites to add to it's already growing collection of WordPress directory sites such as,, and In recent months, Scepter has acquired the following theme directory sites: The first 5, being of admittedly [...]

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