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Best 15 Parallax WordPress Themes for User-Friendly Website Design

A successful WordPress website is one that contains an engaging content and impressive design with a smooth user experience. This makes using the parallax themes mandatory for a website to improve the user experience. Technically, parallax scrolling is a smart way to capture the visitor’s attention by giving a smooth scrolling. It actually complements creative [...]

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18 Best Pet Shop WordPress Themes 2017

WordPress is used by at least 25% of all websites out there today, and while it started off as a blogging platform, it has become the foundation for a lot of its online businesses.  Wedding planners, web designers, candy makers, art, and the list goes on for the types of businesses that WordPress can [...]

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Top 3 Best Weather WordPress Themes 2017

Storms, hurricanes, weather related threats are great threats to life and property. The Weather WordPress themes provide a website template to help with watches, forecasts and analysis of hazardous tropical weather. Having a good weather theme can help save lives, mitigate property loss, and improve efficiency in the storm. These WordPress themes are dedicated [...]

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Top 3 Buddhist Themes 2017

A long time ago, in a college far, far away, I had taken a class on East Asian religions.  One of the religions that was talked about of course was Buddhism. What fascinated me about them was their quest to achieve enlightenment.  How Buddhists view the world was just as intriguing as well.  Although [...]

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11 Best Military WordPress Themes 2017

It has been long established that the online medium or Internet can go a long way in promoting a business, academic institution, a product, a service or virtually anything you want to publicize or peddle. When you are posting or publishing anything online, you’re doing away with the many of the barriers associated with [...]

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