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In the past few weeks, I’ve been privileged to be take on some different types of projects that I’ve not been accustomed to. Here is a brief overview of some of these projects:

  • BDealer – This is a Michigan based website that helps dealerships save money by selling cars directly to each other. This is a WordPressed based site that I have tailored to our needs, having started with a premium theme. The website, set to launch in a couple weeks, has stretched me to learn more about both WordPress and PHP. Historically, I have relied on the rest of the Scepter team to do such developmental work. However, in the absence of a programmer, I’ve stepped in and made this site happen.
  • – This is a website that was set up for an independent distributor of the coffee MLM, Boresha International. The goal of this site is to attract people who are looking to either research or join Boresha International as distributors. The site is also based on WordPress, has a jQuery slider on the Main Index page and has a customized Full Width Template. The Full Width Template has a customized header which basically removed both branding and navigation in order to keep the prospect who comes to these particular pages on task – that is, to keep them focused on the information on that page and to push them to make a decision about getting more information. It was another great venture for me to learn more about the interior of WordPress, as it was the first time I created a Custom Page Template.
  • – The third and final project that I have picked up in the last few weeks, AdvidNation is a video based social networking site. While it is currently live, it is undergoing a major design overhaul. My role with this project will be to help with the marketing. I plan to rely heavily on Twitter and use it as the main focus of marketing the site. Thanks to a great video I got almost two years ago by the now infamous Perry Belcher, I have a pretty solid plan for making things happen with Twitter. Other ideas surrounding my plans for AdvidNation can be found on my personal blog here

All in all, I’m excited about these new projects. They will help me to learn more about development of websites, which I have wanted to learn for some time, while also creating some great, long term partnerships and friendships. All three of them have lots of potential and I’m blessed to have so much work to do.

We will soon be adding a portfolio section to Scepter Marketing, so that clients can see the website projects that we work on as well as the marketing feats we’ve accomplished so stay tuned for that!

About the Author:

Matt is a marketer and WordPress expert. Founder of Scepter, Matt oversees the larger web dev projects for the company. Seeing innovative ideas come to life is his passion, and therefore he pushes Scepter ahead to help our customers bring their projects to life.

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