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6 Ways to Attract More Advertisers to Your WordPress Blog

There are many ways to earn money from your WordPress website such as affiliate marketing, selling stuff, advertising, etc. Today we’re going to talk about advertising on your WordPress blog. We’ll show you how you can attract advertisers on your WordPress blog. Advertising is a great way to increase the revenue you make from your WordPress blog without negatively affecting [...]

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3 Little Known WooCommerce Features to Boost Your ROI

I’m going to start this article off with the biggest understatement ever:  WordPress is iconic.  It’s earned that recognition given how it is the backbone for at least one-fourth of the Internet itself.  With its easy installation, ease of use, and having a worldwide community of dedicated users, WordPress isn’t going to go down anytime soon.  What’s amazing about WordPress [...]

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WordPress Installation Security – Five Things You Need To Do

Today, we’re going to talk about WordPress security. See, as one of the leading content management systems on the web, WordPress is targeted more frequently than any other platform by malware and cyber-criminals. What that means for you is quite simple - if you aren’t taking the necessary measures to protect your site, it’s very likely to end up as [...]

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Pirated WordPress Themes Put Your Site’s Users At Risk

Pirated WordPress Themes: The Consequences Pirate WordPress themes are premium themes made available by unscrupulous third-parties for free. For someone unfamiliar with how the WordPress ecosystem works, pirate themes can be tempting. But installing a pirate theme is almost certainly a bad move that will have negative security and SEO ramifications for your site and its visitors. WordPress is free [...]

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WordPress Questions Answered: Is Disabling Right Clicking In WordPress A Good Idea?

Building a website is hard work. It’s a creative endeavor, and whether it’s a blog, a photography site, or a business site, no one likes to see someone else taking the results of their hard work to use without permission and, more to the point, without paying. The easiest way for ordinary users to filch content like text and images [...]

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Does Changing WordPress Themes Affect Your SEO Results?

The answer to the question "does changing WordPress Themes Affect Your SEO Results" remains dynamic and is dependent entirely on the situations that it passes through. Changing WordPress website themes can affect the SEO results of your WordPress website as well as WordPress blog, whether it changes  SEO positively or negatively depends on the process.  Most WordPress professionals are experts [...]

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