In case you haven’t caught on yet, commenting on other people’s blogs is a great way to build links to your website. And as all internet marketers know (or will learn very quickly!) links are a huge part of getting your site ranking well in the search engines. Recently, internet guru Ryan Deiss released a free report called “Authority Codes” where he gave away some Google search hacks for finding relevant blogs to post comments on. I’ve found it quite helpful and I highly recommend that you read it.

However, I did want to add a few observations that will make your use of the “Authority Codes” work just a little bit better…

Deep Linking with Typepad

One thing you should know (if you don’t already), is that you should not only build links to your home page, but you should build links to other pages within your website as well. This is called “deep linking” and can be a little more difficult to do with blog comments because many blogs do not allow you to enter a URL that is not a homepage (ex. you can’t enter”). I haven’t fully explored all of the various blogging platforms that are out there but I have noticed that those which are powered by Typepad do allow you to insert a URL of an interior page. The tricky thing is that there isn’t really a way to search for these types of blogs particularly.

When I speak of blogs which are “powered by Typepad” I mean blogs that are on their own domain (ie. NOT blogs that are hosted on Typepad ( To find these types of blogs, you can insert the word “typepad” at the very end of any of the first 4 “authority codes” but you will probably only find a few, and only if you are using pretty broad keywords. This is because many of those people using Typepad have taken the phrase “powered by Typepad” off of their blog to make it look more professional. So how do you know what a TypePad powered blog is if you can’t find any by searching? Well, the biggest giveaway is the Typepad icon that shows up in the address bar of your browser that looks like this:

Another thing that gives away Typepad is the funky boxes that it uses to represent people who are commenting on the blog which look like these:

Between these two features you should be able to tell when you’ve stumbled upon a Typepad blog. Here are a few examples

The best strategy, in my mind, is to post comments all over the web using the authority codes and when you come across a blog powered by Typepad, insert a URL to one of your interior pages.

A Few Other Link Building Tools

The “Authority Codes” are great but here are a few other tools you can use to help build links to your site.

“DoFollow” forums – It is debatable how much the search engines really take into account the “nofollow” attribute when ranking a website. The best practice is probably to build links from both dofollow and nofollow website because doing just one could seem unnatural in the ever watchful eyes of the search algorithms!

List of “DoFollow” blogs – Again, it’s good to have some of both

CommentHunt – A “dofollow” blog search engine for when you get tired of typing in the “Authority Codes”

If you have any more good sites or strategies, feel free to post them here for everyone to benefit from.

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