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The beauty and fashion industries grow in sales every single year, and this is all thanks to the Internet. It’s no surprise that salons up to boutiques have invested in websites that in turn help their sales. There are thousands of websites out there today that sell beauty or fashion products and services today. How can your business stand out? Read on and we’ll tell you how we do that.

Responsive Design

Whether you’re fixing someone’s hair or giving them a makeover, chances are you’ll have a portfolio of past work that you’ll show to potential customers. A responsive design ensures that that portfolio can be seen by anyone no matter the device they use. Furthermore, a responsive design is essential in e-commerce as people make purchases or book appointments from wherever they are.

User-Friendly Design

A user-friendly design is essential for any beauty & fashion websites for the following reasons.

  • Ease of Use. A user-friendly design translates to simplicity. The easier it is to navigate and use a website the more people will use it and come back to use it.
  • Part of E-Commerce. We apply a simplistic approach to e-commerce so visitors can buy from you with ease.
  • Search Engine Optimization. A user-friendly design is key in improving search engine visibility. A website with all its T’s crossed and I’s dotted will show up more on all the major search engines.

Designed for Converting Sales

We use a variety of strategies to convert visitors into customers. Here are some of the common strategies we use.

  • Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is a perfect way for you to connect with the public. Here you can show your products, post events, or offer up deals.
  • Call to Action. Whether its through a contact us form or with a one to one chat, we always have a way for visitors to contact you within arm’s reach.
  • People are willing to give up some information if they know that they are going to get something free in return. We urge practices like signing up for free samples, product catalogs, demonstrations, and others.

How Our Web Design Team Works with the Beauty and Fashion world

  • Discuss – Communication is always important. We begin with a sit down so that we can get to know you and you can get to know us. We always keep you up to date on our progress.
  • Develop – Here we draw up the actual blueprint. We strive for many goals in this process from making your products and or services the star of the show, buying from you is easy, and anything else you deem important.
  • Develop – We build our online solution through the number one content management system out there – WordPress. This allows us to get our online solution up and running quickly. It also makes maintaining it easy as it is very organized and very user friendly. We do not deploy until you see it and approve it.
  • Deploy – Making our online solution go live.




One More Thing …

Whether it’s selling beauty or fashion, your number one goal is clear – making others look and feel good. Our online solution helps you to achieve that goal. Give us a call today to learn more.