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Matthew is a dedicated SEO writer who helps businesses improve their search rankings on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. His writing is usually crafted to achieve a balance between information delivery and SEO enhancement. His skills as a writer can be confirmed independently on Upwork.com. Matthew particularly enjoys writing SEO articles that not only grow businesses but are also refreshingly entertaining.

Monitoring WordPress Sites’ Health: Top 5 Tools Guide

Monitoring WordPress sites is a regular necessity. Such information as the visitors on your site, the load speed, and its availability is essential in helping you make better decisions that lead to a better performance for your site. Monitoring WordPress sites, as well as boosting their usability, is thus a crucial aspect of your website. [...]

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7 Tips for SEOing Your WordPress Site

WordPress has secured a name for itself as the world’s most popular content management systems in the world. From where it stands currently, WordPress is quite future proof; it can only get better in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, there’s much more to WordPress than merely downloading and installing it. Besides security and performance, your site [...]

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