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Mawiya Karam has been working in a Digital Marketing Company as a senior copywriter. She likes to write for her followers and explain technical topics in a way that her readers can easily understand. Mawiya has also lectured at many seminars concerning copywriting techniques.

How to Promote Your Content Using Snapchat

Snapchat- The app designed to capture moments in small clips is now becoming a great tool to generate revenues for businesses. Like other social media platforms, it contributes to promoting various niche by engaging target audience with appealing features, and innovatively-created snap stories. Due to its clunky interface, it’s quite challenging to use snapchat for [...]

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Social Media Logo Design – A New Frontier for Designers?

Introduction to Social Media Logo Design Long gone are the days when the sole purpose of a logo design was to look appealing on letterheads and business cards. However, time is changed now. People are dependent on the internet for all their needs and information gathering purpose; the internet has affected how we communicate and [...]

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