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I've been a web developer for nearly 10 years. I live in Indiana and am a Ivy Tech graduate but I also graduated with honors from Western Kentucky University. My specialties include WordPress of course as well as JavaScript, PHP and SQL.

3 Little Known WooCommerce Features to Boost Your ROI

I’m going to start this article off with the biggest understatement ever:  WordPress is iconic.  It’s earned that recognition given how it is the backbone for at least one-fourth of the Internet itself.  With its easy installation, ease of use, and having a worldwide community of dedicated users, WordPress isn’t going to go down anytime [...]

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18 Best Pet Shop WordPress Themes 2017

WordPress is used by at least 25% of all websites out there today, and while it started off as a blogging platform, it has become the foundation for a lot of its online businesses.  Wedding planners, web designers, candy makers, art, and the list goes on for the types of businesses that WordPress can [...]

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5 WordPress Developer Tools to Use

Introduction to WordPress Developer Tools It goes without saying that there is a lot that goes into developing your own WordPress theme.  You must sketch out what the final product looks like, developing your theme’s functionality, picking colors and fonts, finding the right images, and so on and so forth, but one of the biggest challenges [...]

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Top 3 Buddhist Themes 2017

A long time ago, in a college far, far away, I had taken a class on East Asian religions.  One of the religions that was talked about of course was Buddhism. What fascinated me about them was their quest to achieve enlightenment.  How Buddhists view the world was just as intriguing as well.  Although [...]

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5 Things to Consider When Hiring WordPress Experts

Sooner or later, you might have to hire some WordPress development experts to take your site or project to the next level, or even just to get things off your plate.  Every now and again, things get to be too much or we realize that maybe we’re not experienced or specialized in some areas.  This is [...]

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18 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks 2017

WordPress theme frameworks.  They're like Play Dough or  Legos.  Those were toys that a lot of us grew up with and what made them special was that they we could make anything we wanted with them.   How far our imaginations went was our only limitation.  Crayola Crayons.  Erector Sets.  It was amazing what we [...]

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