Last year was an incredible year. 2013 is already looking to be 20x as good! I have three projects on the docket, all of which will be taking things to a level that I always thought was possible, but that always seemed just out of my reach or just beyond my knowledge. By the grace of God, 2012 saw me grab a small foothold in the online world. It was one small step for Matt, one giant leap for Matt’s internet marketing business. With this foothold that has proven to be stable, there is not opportunity to try things that I never had the resources (time or money or skills) to attempt. And by God, I’m going to try them all.

As I dive into other types of internet marketing and web businesses beyond my initial knowledge of SEO, I plan to talk about some of my journey and successes here. I have more work on my plate than ever before, and I am BEYOND excited for the journey I’m embarking on this year. I have 3 separate businesses that I’ll be working on. The three projects are as follows:

  • WordPress Themes – has been a successful site so far. We’ve just cleared an Alexa rank of 130,000 and average about 6,000 visitors a month. I’ll be working on expanding this project by creating a content strategy, a better marketing strategy, and expanding the idea of the site as well.
  • Network Marketing – I finally joined another network marketing company, and I’m actually more excited than I thought I could be about this industry after my past attempts. I’m working with a pretty good group of guys, and we have plans to do things in a new way.
  • Internet Marketing – I have 3 website projects on the table currently, with one marketing and one more website in negotiations. In addition to this though, a friend and I have a meeting this week with a sales guy who runs his own company who is looking to outsource his work to people like us.

All of this essentially means that I’ll be putting myself through a crash course in everything from copywriting to list building to affiliate marketing to creating products to banner ads to ad networks to social media to outsourcing to team building. And of course, everyone (including me) wants to move as fast as possible.

This feeling is a little nostalgic. I got my first introduction to the possibilities of the internet in March of 2009 and have been thinking, trying, and planning since then. Back then, I was broke, had no skills, and had no idea how to do anything. Today I have all three. Everything has providentially converged to focus in on this moment.

So let’s roll…

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