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Introduction to Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing

Have you ever pored over coding books, trying to figure out how to get your website to do that one cool thing but to no avail? Have you ever felt like your business has hit the ceiling of its workers’ capabilities? Amazon has a service called Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing, or Amazon AWS. Our team here at Scepter Marketing, a local white label web agency specializing in AWS, is here to assist you in understanding whether or not Amazon AWS is right for your business.

This is a secure cloud service that helps your business grow by offering additional power and storage. You can shop for add-ons for your business website like you were shopping for groceries. But how does all of this work?

What is Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing?

Amazon Web Services, or Amazon AWS for short, is, at its core, a cloud computing system. A “Cloud”, when used in terms of the internet, is a place to back data up on an off-site server. The data is stored on this Cloud and can be accessed and downloaded by anyone with the credentials to do so, from any supported device.

Working from a Cloud gives you more computing power than working on your own. This is an easy way to share documents or files between members of a company or individuals working on a project together. People also use cloud servers to back their information up or to keep a copy of it safe in case of a computer malfunction.

Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Features

However, Amazon Web Services cloud computing is more than just a simple way to share information with each other. AWS offers a variety of services and resources in the Cloud that are offered on-demand. Once you’ve become a member, you can access more power for your site. As well as storage options, there are applications to help with website security and analytics tools to help translate data into trends.

Who uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Computing?

Many people have turned to Amazon Web Services cloud computing to bring their business to the next level. One of its notable early users was Netflix, which started using it back in 2009. Some of its other prominent users are Kellogg’s, Airbnb, Pinterest, and the Harvard Medical School. Netflix shows the scope of this company, though. Netflix’s data center was destroyed by a fire in 2010 and they moved to the Cloud, through AWS. Now they’re huge!

Is Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Easy to Use?

When on the Amazon AWS website, you see a list of the applications you can make and the tools you can use. Once you choose something it brings you to that page, listing the steps and minutes it needs to be complete. It breaks down how to accomplish this and lets you know which Amazon services will run it best and why. Amazon AWS is a repository of things you can build using their apps and programs. If you have some web knowledge and just want to dive right in, take a look!