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Introduction to Adding An Amazon Seller Central Account User

Buying on Amazon is easy and the company has a lot in place to help you do so. Being an Amazon Seller central account user means: pay no listing fees, allow your product to qualify for Prime, and you can sell all across North America; even in some international locations like Japan. However, you don’t have to sell alone.

Maybe you’re not a lone wolf. It could be that you’re a small business that’s just starting out. Perhaps you have a certain function and you’d like to be able to do your business from the same Amazon Seller Central account. This is possible. The original person who signed up for the Amazon Seller Central Account needs to invite you, you follow a few prompts to prove who you are, set up your password, and you’re set to go. Two heads are better than one.

Does that sound kind of complicated? Below, our team here at Scepter Marketing, a local web services company, will break down how to add a new Amazon Seller Central Account user to suit your needs.

New Amazon Seller Central Account User Permissions

So imagine you’ve signed up as a new Amazon Seller central account user. Your business is growing and you’re doing well, but all of the sudden demand is starting to exceed supply, or you can’t quite get enough done in a week, or you’re wishing there were more than 24 hours in the day. It’s possible to share your new Amazon Seller Central Account user with another user, like a co-worker.

This way, it’s easier to delegate – you can have someone else manage incoming orders or shipping notifications. As your business grows, you might need to take on more people in order to provide timely service. But never fear, there are ways to add a new Amazon Seller Central Account user on your own account.

Open the Amazon Seller Central Account User

Once the user has opened the new Amazon Seller Account, that person decides who can access the system and what sort of privileges those people should have. Once they’ve done that, they are able to invite other users to their new Amazon Seller central account. This user becomes the Account Manager.


The invitation process has three steps:

  • the Account Manager goes to the dashboard and sends out links to the users they want to add through e-mail. This will allow for them to access Seller Central.
  • Once the user clicks this link, they receive a confirmation code. The new user is now a pending user.
  • Once the pending user enters the confirmation code into the website, they set up their account and become a current user. Once this invitation is complete, the user will have a username and password to access the system.

And that’s it! Now you can make sure your entire powerhouse team is set up and ready to communicate with each other.

You can compartmentalize each new Amazon Seller central account user: someone can do invoices, someone can track inventory, someone to ensure listings are accurate.

Together you can rule the world – or at least, make plenty of sales on Amazon.