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What Are Amazon Marketplace Web Services (AMWS)?

When you’re creating, there’s always that moment when an idea turns into a business. Maybe you have a product you’d like to sell and you start small and local. Maybe you’re just starting to look into selling on the web. Amazon is a pretty recognizable name with a very wide reach. So you make the goal to get your product on Amazon Marketplace Web Services (Amazon MWS). Our team here at Scepter Marketing, a local white label development agency, is here to explain how Amazon MWS can help your business flourish.

The day comes when you’re on Amazon Marketplace, but your business is starting to move too quickly to keep up with. If only there was a way to automate some of this stuff so that you weren’t stuck logging inventory and checking order status. There are so many reports that need tracking and you don’t know what to do. The Amazon Marketplace Web Service is full of tools to help you manage your business as it grows. Don’t stay stuck in the box.

What Are Amazon Marketplace Web Services Good For?

Amazon Marketplace Web Services integrates your Amazon data, which makes things run smoothly and easily. Using it can increase your efficiency and reduce labor requirements because it can automate many manual tasks. It gets your product to your customer quicker, which can improve customer satisfaction and lead to repeat purchases. By automating things, you can focus on creating, collecting for, or running your business.

What Do Amazon Marketplace Web Services Do For Me?

Amazon Marketplace Web Service (referred to as Amazon MWS) provides a framework to build applications for your Amazon Seller account or for other sellers. Applications can search for certain products for sale, download your orders so that they can be fulfilled, and confirm shipments. These applications can manage your inventory, allow you to check levels, upload batches, and other inventory management tasks. They can also send you reports based on order status, or payment information among other things. There’s no fee to use Amazon MWS, but you need to have an Amazon Seller account to use it.

Is Amazon Marketplace Web Services hard to use?

The brief answer is: no, Amazon Marketplace Web Services is not hard to use. If you have an Amazon Seller account, all you need is to register. The Amazon Seller Central website has detailed instructions, including an FAQ and a message board system.  If you can’t find an answer, you can post on the message board and ask other Amazon Sellers.

With worldwide web support, Amazon MWS is a great way to automate parts of your business so that you can focus on growing and creating instead of pushing papers.