Affiliate Marketing VS Network Marketing

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It’s funny to me how mainstream affiliate marketing is becoming while network marketing is still so often despised. It is really very ironic, especially when you consider that there are now many two and three tier affiliate programs.

So here’s my question…

Why in the world haven’t more internet marketers gone into the network marketing arena?!? Seriously though, think about this for a second.

Affiliate marketers are already doing the same thing as network marketers, only they are almost exclusively focused on online marketing whereas most network marketers are still stuck in traditional word-of-mouth advertising. Affiliate marketers therefore actually have a huge advantage!

Even if they only sold a network marketing product like this one, they could probably do fine. And then what happens when they get a few other affiliate marketers to do the same thing underneath them? Wouldn’t they increase their income drastically? Why would any affiliate marketer NOT go for something like that?

The only reasons I can think of are 1) They don’t know how effective or profitable network marketing companies can be, 2) They have the same feelings about network marketing companies as the rest of Americans, or 3) They can’t see beyond doing what they’ve always done.

In my opinion, internet marketers could absolutely CRUSH IT when it comes to network marketing companies because of the skills they already posses. I just wonder why they don’t use them in that arena.

But whatever. I guess it just leaves more market share for people like me 🙂

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