Adding breadcrumb navigation to your pages

A simple process of adding breadcrumb navigation to your theme is easy to do.

Log into your WordPress admin area and go to APPEARANCE >> THEME SETTINGS and then scroll down to the breadcrumbs settings:


You can Enable or Disable (Yes/No) the breadcrumbs navigation with the drop down selection box and then click SAVE.

Location of Breadcrumbs

Some people ask why their breadcrumbs does not show on the home or front page of their web site. The reason why is because it’s purposely coded this way so that if you are on the primary (parent) location, there really is no path to show of how you got there until you venture further in from that point. For example, if you go to your blog home page and then click on a post to read the full article, you will now see the path.

The breadcrumbs in this theme are very basic so if you need more flexibility, you can opt in for downloading and installing any breadcrumb plugin of your choice.

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