Adding Breadcrumb Navigation to your Pages

A simple process of adding breadcrumb navigation to your theme is easy to do.

Log into your Joomla Admin area and go to EXTENSIONS >> TEMPLATE MANAGER >> The Corporate 3 and then scroll down to the breadcrumbs settings:


You can Enable or Disable (Yes/No) the breadcrumbs navigation with the radio selection box and then click SAVE.

You Need a Module for Breadcrumb Navigation

With Joomla, you can manage what pages and other areas of your site you want these to be seen easily by opening the EXTENSIONS >> MODULE MANAGER and click NEW because you need a module to load the navigation. You should see a list of modules to choose, so select the “breadcrumbs” option and then you will get a page like this:


I won’t go into the specifics of each part of this module but generally this is what you will be doing – as you can see it also in the screenshot above for the template’s demo:

  1. Title it as Breadcrumbs and display the title as no
  2. Select the menu links where you want this module to show by highlighting each one
  3. Set your other parameters to show “Home” or not, Text Separator, etc. **The one I use here is the “pipe” which is the straight vertical line on the backslash key on your keyboard.
  4. Don’t forget to have it set to Published and then click SAVE
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