Adding a Slideshow to Showcase 3

This setup tutorial is a short one because there are so many slideshow and content sliders available, I cannot predict what one you or anyone else will be using. However, I can show you a quick tutorial on what you will more likely be doing if the one you choose needs you to add any kind of code to the area the slider or slideshow will go.

You will need to open up the following file:

IMPORTANT: Always make a full backup first before you change anything!

Look for this code:

<div id="showcase3" class="clearfix">
<!--Add slider or other media coding here-->    

Add whatever coding the slideshow or content slider needs you to put there and once done, click save and upload the file to its right location. If you are using the WordPress editor, then you can just click SAVE.

Make sure you read the plugin’s installation instructions carefully and take it slow because you don’t want to have to troubleshoot if something goes wrong. If you have any problems, you will need to contact the developer of that plugin for support.

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