5 Best WordPress SEO Tools and Plugins

No matter how great your WordPress site is, without using the best SEO tools and practices you will never reach your maximum potential. There are countless plugins available to help, but these five, used together, will maximize the performance of your entire site, leaving you with more time to develop great content. From metas and media to social and site titles, use these free WordPress plugins to make the most of your content.

1. Optimize Your Content with Scribe

The Scribe plugin for WordPress is truly a must-have in a post-Panda and Penguin world. This plugin optimizes virtually every part of your on-page SEO, and does it on the fly, monitoring and identifying opportunities to market your content through social media, search and more. It also monitors the content itself, ensuring that you focus on aligning the writing to the existing content on your site, and focuses on keywords that will boost your content on search. This is really a total content marketing resource, working in real time to guide everyone from experienced writers to occasional bloggers, at each stage of content creation.scribe

2. Optimize Your Site Structure and Metas with Yoast WordPress SEO

For anyone serious about their WordPress site, but lacking in-depth SEO knowledge and techniques, the Yoast SEO plugin is a must-have. It is the easiest to use and most popular SEO tools, with more features and benefits than any other SEO tool I have tried. For SEO newcomers, there is a great WordPress SEO guide on the Yoast.com website that is constantly updated to guide you through every feature of the plugin, as well as reference guides to answer almost any question. This SEO tool comes with 25(!) installed languages, and allows you to manage your post titles and metas, robots meta config, canonical, permalinks, XML sitemap, and analyzes each post as you are writing it from your WP dashboard. Don’t know what all of these terms mean? The Yoast website will guide you through it all, making your site easy to crawl and read with simple set-and-forget settings.wordpress-seo-plugin 450

 3. Optimize Your Tags and Snippets With Google Tag Manager

If you are serious about building your traffic or monetizing your site, you are probably using multiple analytics platforms to monitor page performance and ppc. Until DuracellTomi’s Google Tag Manager, this involved editing theme files and placing code in the header of all of the pages you were monitoring, slowing page load and possibly corrupting the files. With this SEO tool, you can place all of your snippets in one container, and manage variables that include page and post title, date, author, type and many more. This is one of these SEO tools that you never knew you needed until you used it once. You can also monitor weather data, geolocation data, scroll tracking and more to really drill down on your visitors.tag mgr

4. Optimize Your Images with SEO Friendly Images

Including images in your content is a critical part of on-page SEO, and adding the proper ALT and TITLE attributes to those images is an important part of improving search engine traffic. Out of all WordPress image SEO tools, I have found SEO Friendly Images to be the easiest to use and most effective. You can set your attributes manually, or set automatic options in the dashboard and all of your images have the proper attributes set automatically, each time an image is inserted into a post or page.friendly

5. Optimize Your Social SEO with WP Social SEO Booster

The easy-to-use WP Social SEO Booster plugin takes all of the work out of social SEO for your site, adding Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Card and Google Rich Snippets to your site automatically, boosting your social presence. It works with any SEO plugin (like Yoast), implements all rich snippet tagging, and even includes a star rating system that you can easily add to your site pages and posts for more search visibility.wp social

Use any one of these, and you should see a noticeable difference in your site traffic and search results. Use them all together, and you have a powerful and complete SEO toolkit that will make your site rocket to the top of search, and these tools require very little ongoing maintenance. Do you know of any exceptional WordPress SEO tools that we forgot to include? Leave us a comment!

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