2000+ Back Links in 2 Weeks?!?

I saw something that made me laugh today. I saw a website offering to give 2000+ back links in a matter of two weeks!! If you have ever built links really fast (as I’ve tried) Google generally isn’t a fan of that, especially with new sites. For example, I through up a site for a project I’m working on and landed on the 3rd page of Google with just minimal on page SEO stuff. I contacted my friend who has a PR4 blog and asked him to link to my site to help me out. He did, and as soon as Google picked up the links (around 400!) it moved me off the grid completely for a few days. When the dust finally settled, I was sitting on the 5th page of Google. I had the links removed and went back to the 2nd page (because of the other “more natural” ways of link building).

Instead of falling for a gimmick that will most likely make your site disappear off Google for quite a long time (because links are hard to undo) get your site listed in legit directories like DMOZ or other free web directories. A simple Google search will give you hundreds of sites that have lists of thousands of free directories. If you can find a legitimate company (or someone in the Philippines) to do the process for you, that is probably the best thing to do because doing directory listings correctly takes a looooooooong time for comparatively little results.

Alright, why was I looking at directory sites in the first place? Well, I have a theory that I’m testing right now and that is this:

  • Start with low PR sites – PR0s and PR1s. No one gets a PR4-6 for in their first week on a brand new start – if you do, you’ll probably be off the grid for quite awhile! (ask me how I know!)
  • Get them from a variety of sources (directory submissions, blog commenting, your own link network, social media, etc.)
  • Don’t forget to link TO other sites, preferably some of the same ones as your competitors
  • Constantly add content to your website so Google can see there is activity
  • Generate some traffic to your site through social media or PPC to show Google people are actually using it
  • Begin to ramp of the link building from there but don’t expect overnight success

I was submitting my site to a few directories in the hope of varying up my backlinks which right now come almost exclusively from blog commenting. I’ll let you know how this works with me. I’m sitting at position 11 for the site I was just talking about and then I have a few other projects that I’m working on getting rankings for. Feel free to chime in with what you’ve found that works or doesn’t work!

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