The Scepter Network is a growing community of businesses and consumers in Michigan. Learn how this network can help your business reach out to literally thousands of customers your local area!

The Scepter Network (Connect

The Scepter Network is an ever growing community that links consumers with local businesses, venues, and happenings in their cities. This network is full of customers that are waiting to hear about local businesses just like yours!

Our community of consumers connect with us through Email, Twitter, Facebook, and our brand new website called Connect Orange to ensure that local businesses like yours get the greatest exposure possible! Our network is quickly becoming one of the best ways to advertise any local business, period.

So what makes our network so great? Well, we are one of the best companies online at creating a genuine sense of community inside of our network. We work to give both the consumers and our clients a sense of identity and belonging – a sense that those within our community are “in”. This is a great benefit to all of the local companies that are a part of our network because you reap the benefits of our trustworthy, branded name.

Also, with the Connect Orange Network you don’t need a website! We give your company a listing within our website that is similar to a Yellow Pages listing which includes your business contact information, a description of your products and services or your menu, a link to driving directions, and even coupons or promotions that you are running! This is a great place to begin or expand you online presence because you are free to use your business profile on fliers, in brochures, or even on your Facebook or Twitter page!

If you have a website though, that is a very good thing! Included in your membership is a free Connect Orange badge to place on your website. This badge lets consumers know that you are “in” with the best network in town and also links directly to your business profile page within the Connect Orange Network website! This allows your customers to quickly and easily write reviews about the excellent service that you are giving them, which can easily influence other members in the community to buy from you over your competition.

Another benefit of the Connect Orange Network, ratings and reviews. Ratings and reviews are like word-of-mouth advertising on the internet. They allow consumers to quickly determine which companies are good and which ones are not so great. Other websites offer ratings and reviews but we have two distinct features that set us apart! Firstly, we help in the process of bringing customers back to the Connect Orange site to rate your business so that you don’t have to do all the work yourself. And secondly, unlike some other business networking sites, we will contact you to let you know when negative reviews about your business have been posted so that you can respond to them and maintain your reputation in the community.

From time to time we also highlight businesses within the network to get them even more exposure. Once your a member, you’ll have the chance to be the “featured” business of the month. We feature business which offer absolutely stellar deals to the community consumers, businesses which participate in charity work or help out their local communities, and businesses that become known for their trustworthiness and customer service.

The Scepter Network is called Connect Orange! You can set up a listing for your business by clicking the logo below!! Because we are just ramping up operations, the first businesses that set up listings will get special privileges, discounted prices, and first dibs on new products and services offered through Connect Orange and Scepter Marketing!

Click the logo below to add your business to Connect Orange for FREE!

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