Small Business Internet Marketing

Marketing to small businesses seems to be the bees-knees these days. I've gotten dozens of e-mails over the last few months from top internet marketers like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, and Mike Koenigs who are either directly or indirectly pushing some type of system for doing internet marketing for small businesses. I would guess that [...]

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The Quest to Become Mr. Internet Marketing Guru

It seems that unfortunately, there are many, many well intentioned people who are trying to make lots of money online by teaching others how to do internet marketing. The problem is that these people haven't done it themselves so they don't necessarily have the backing behind their philosophies. I understand their issues. I've nearly fallen [...]

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Local Business Statistics

Local businesses MUST be online! The time is coming when either a business will be online, or they will get dominated by their competitors. Why is this do you ask? Because the search engines are the new yellow pages. Going to the computer, loading up Google, and typing in a phrase like "Lansing, MI Plumber" [...]

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Scepter’s Room for Thought

On Saturday Marketer Matt met with a designer from the web design and development company Room for Thought. Scepter Marketing and Room for Thought will be teaming up on the website. Website design and development go hand in hand with internet marketing so both representatives see the partnership as a good match. In the [...]

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