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WordPress is a phenomenal Content Management System for building website. Sometimes, things can get a bit tricky though, and we’re here to help!

Customize WordPress

Sometimes your WP theme needs a little bit of tender love and care to become that you hoped it would be. We can help you…

  • Change fonts, backgrounds, and layouts
  • Speed up your website and make it load faster
  • Add page templates such as full width, archive, contact page, etc.

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Move WordPress

If you need your WordPress moved to a different host, we can help you do that. We’ll move all of your files and your database and make sure they are set up nicely on your sites’s new home!

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Setting Up and/or Hosting your WP site

If you need help setting up your site, we can do that for you no problem. And if we host your WP site, we’ll make sure that we do monthly backups of both your files and database in case anything goes belly up. We also can help out with the dozens of updates to both WP itself and all of the plugins that you’ve installed.

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