Local Email Marketing Feature List 2010-12-03T03:43:45+00:00

With Scepter, email marketing is easy-peasy! Here’s a list of the many features that you get when you use our email marketing services:

  • Custom Designed Email Templates: We custom design an email template around your company and brand so that the emails we send to your customers will be easily recognizable and work to further brand your company.
  • Personalization: If you collect the first names of all of your customers, we can use them to personalize the emails that we send to make it feel personal to your customers.
  • Forward to a Friend: We include a link on every email that we send to help remind your customers to share your information with their friends! This can bring you more bang for your buck by getting you exposure beyond your current customer base.
  • Top of the Line Deliverability: We use some of the best email marketing best practices in the industry to ensure that your emails do not get caught in spam filters or junk folders. We do everything we can to make sure that your emails get through to your customers.
  • Automatic Emails: This feature allows emails to be sent out to your customers for special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, or any other occasions where your customers might like to hear from you!
  • Unsubscribe Links: Each email comes with an “unsubscribe” link so that those people who want to unsubscribe from your list can do so automatically so that you don’t have to do it manually.
  • List Clean Up: With Scepter, bad email addresses and unsubscribes will automatically be removed from your list so that you stay within anti-spam laws and best practices!
  • Advanced Tracking: Want to know how your campaign is doing? We’ll send you monthly reports letting you know how many people joined your list, received your emails, opened your emails, clicked on links, shared the information with their friends, and more!
  • Hands Free System: Our Email Marketing system is completely “hands free” from a technical perspective. You just communicate with us what you want done and our experts go to work for you creating and executing your campaigns so that you can focus on running your business! And of course, we send you the reports so you can see the benefits of your email marketing campaigns on your business!

To get started with local email marketing for your business click here. Or, if you’d like to get more information about additional email marketing programs explore the links below!