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Internet Network Marketing

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The internet has changed network marketing forever. An industry that used to be dominated by door to door sales reps and product showing parties is quickly giving way to internet marketing methods that offer a much more efficient way to reach would-be home based business owners. There is an absurd amount of opportunity in this industry, and Scepter Marketing has inserted itself right smack in the middle of it.

Our methods: Effective. Our passion: Never higher. Our mantra: The same as always – Rule The Market.

While there are myriads of marketing strategies that can be employed to enter the network marketing space, we are focusing first on assets that will allow us to bring in an abundance of leads on an automatic basis. We will then file these leads into funnels which qualify them as to whether or not they have the time, energy, and stamina that it takes in the industry. We have already begun work on our first of these lead generating projects:

The Sponsoring System – This website is essentially a collection of networking strategies on how to use the internet to funnel people into a networking opportunity. From social media to blogging to SEO to paid ads and everything in between, this magazine-type website covers it all. The material for this site comes from a variety of places including our experience, guest bloggers, and from internet marketing courses that we go through and write notes or commentaries on. Simply put, it is a hub for network marketing strategies. – This site is the first in a series of company-based sites that help teach networkers in a particular niche more about how they can build a successful business. Since many internet network marketing strategies work for any networking company, we think these sites will be a pretty darn good way to help our industry make the leap from the offline world to the online world. And, as anyone who has done network marketing before knows, it is often much easier to convince networkers of a new opportunity than it is to convince someone who has no knowledge of the industry. Therefore, this site offers valuable information to those seeking to join or learn more about ViSalus or who just want good recipes for their shakes.

We have several other ideas up our sleeves that we hope to roll out over the rest of 2013, and we’re confident that we’ll be able to generate 100-1000 leads per month by the end of the year. Obviously, with that many leads coming in a monthly basis, it won’t be difficult to crush it in any networking business. But no, it’s not all about us. We have several ideas in mind to help other networkers build their businesses as well. We are here for the community as well.