Why I Hate SEO

I hate doing SEO. It sucks. The rules are always changing. There is a crazy amount of information to try to stay on top of and it's just not fun for me to hunt down websites and try to get links from them. Frankly, I'd rather be the one with the sites that other people [...]

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Introducing Connect Orange – Connect With Local Consumers

After almost a year, we have finally launched the beta version of our new Lansing based, business directory called Connect Orange! With nearly 2000 profiles for Lansing businesses, we are confident that Connect Orange will make a splash in the Lansing community. Connect Orange offers consumers the ability to easily find local companies, rate and [...]

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Helping Lansing Small Businesses Connect With Customers

For Immediate Release: 10-28-11 This coming November, Scepter will be launching a revamped version of their Lansing business directory. This directory will provide a great place for Lansing consumers to connect with small businesses and vice versa. The directory site is similar in concept to the Yellow Pages but exclusively for Lansing. This directory will [...]

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Small Business Internet Marketing 101

Many business owners are overwhelmed when it comes to the internet and they aren't quite sure where to start. Here is a quick 3 point guide to help any small business get started marketing their business and website online. We are going to assume that the business already has a website and a Facebook page [...]

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Dear Small Business Owner

Dear small business owner, I know that if you are like most small business owners, you are being effected by the economic situation. For you it has probably resulted in fewer sales, lower volume of customers, and perhaps you've even thought about letting some workers go because you just can't afford to pay them anymore. [...]

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