High Traffic Academy by Vick Strizheus Review – And Yes, I Actually Bought It

About a month ago I came across Vick Strizheus and his High Traffic Academy. This post contains my thoughts on the course since I've gone threw nearly all the modules so far. Here are some initial thoughts: Overview Overall, I think the course is worth the $500 I paid. It is a paid traffic course by [...]

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Planning An Internet Business

There is opportunity everywhere online. EVERYWHERE. It has to be the 10th wonder of the world that anyone with an internet connection can start generating money using the internet in one of dozens - maybe even hundreds - of ways for free. It makes traditional businesses look much less appealing with their lower margins, higher [...]

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Balancing Act

This year is just getting started and things are already crazy. I have client work coming in from everywhere, a new network marketing company that I'm promoting, and the next iteration of my WordPress project. While it hasn't always proven to be a good thing, I love shortcuts. I'm always looking for a way to [...]

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Outsourcing Adventures

Late last year, I began hiring some independent contractors to do some work for me on one of my sites. I got to the point where I was working more "in" my business rather than "on" my business which is usually about the time businesses stop growing. I've unfortunately got to see this type of [...]

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Diving into Paid Ads

Up to this point, my internet marketing career has mostly consisted of SEO-related marketing tactics such as link building, creating content around keywords, etc. Over the last month though, I've been experimenting with various forms of paid advertising including Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google PPC (text) ads. I've dropped Facebook and LinkedIn [...]

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And So It Begins…

Last year was an incredible year. 2013 is already looking to be 20x as good! I have three projects on the docket, all of which will be taking things to a level that I always thought was possible, but that always seemed just out of my reach or just beyond my knowledge. By the grace [...]

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Companies Cannibalizing Their Affiliates

Today I found out that a company that I helped make thousands of dollars over the last few months has gone into business against me. They have duplicated some of the same types of content that I have on my site in an effort to promote themselves and other companies in nearly the exact same [...]

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What I Get for 8 Year of Verizon Loyalty

The short answer is, "nothing" but read on for the story. On my trip to NYC this past weekend my phone, not checking both ways before crossing the street, was run over by a car. Living up to its name (Incredible) it still turned on, received texts and phone calls, and can take and keep [...]

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A Great Video from SEOMoz on Company Culture

After two years of playing around online, learning internet marketing, and building a company of my own, I've come to love a company called SEOMoz. For those of you who haven't heard of SEOMoz, they are a company that provides tools and services for people doing Search Engine Optimization. And though their services are helpful [...]

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